The Alpha School

"Where Lifelong Learning Begins"

Faculty and Staff


The Alpha School:

JoAnne Wells, Principal

Teresa Fuson, Consulting Teacher

April Davis, County wide ESL Teacher

Traci Uhl, Preschool

Deb Tong, Family Resource Director

Paige Suttles, Secretary/Attendance

Kandra Gray, Teacher

Patricia Rednour, Teacher’s Assistant

Rena Gilbert, Teacher

Angela Maness, Teacher’s Assistant

Trish Irvin, Teacher

Amy Upton, Teacher’s Assistant

Janie Huff (teacher)

Valerie Osborne, Teacher’s Assistant

Victoria Whitley, Teacher

Angela Parish, SRO

Melissa Lambert, Cafeteria

Alan Mayes, Janitor

Off Sites: 

Tina Fugate, Teacher (Midway)

Ruth Ann Davis, Teacher’s Assistant

Jenissa Fultz, Teacher (Forge Ridge)

Caylan Heck, Teacher Assistant

Renee Keith, Teacher (Ellen Myers)

The Alpha Clinch Powell Collaborative Classroom:

Amber Stuffle, Teacher (CDC)