Archery Club


We are so excited your child is interested in participating in the National Archery in the School Program (NASP) through the Cumberland Gap High School’s Beyond the Bell After School Program.   Archery is a fun and safe sport that can be enjoyed throughout a lifetime.
 We use the Mathews Genesis bow.  It is a compound bow with a maximum draw weight of 20 pounds.  There is no let off.  Students learn to shoot with no sights and no release aids.  They learn the proper way to shoot a bow and will be instructed by a certified archery instructor.  Due to safety reasons, personal bows cannot be used unless they are the Mathews Genesis bow.  Arrows are NEVER to be brought to school.  Personal bows can be sent in to school with students but NEVER to be brought on the school bus.  Bows can be taken directly to Mrs. Graves’s or Mr. Snyder’s classrooms where they will be kept safe until practice.
 If you do not have a personal bow, a school owned bow can be used during practice and competitions.  We are working to have scrimmages with other district schools during the school year, but our main two competitions are the state competition in Murfreesboro, TN and the national competition in Louisville, KY and both held in the spring. 
 Discipline is very important.  All shooting and arrow retrieval is done with whistle blow commands.  When shooting, students stay seated in a safe zone and are not permitted to move. This may seem overly strict, but it is necessary to keep your child safe.  All practices are CLOSED!  The doors are locked and not opened until practice is over.  Students are expected to stay for the entire practice.  They take personal responsibility for the equipment and help set up at the beginning of practice and put the equipment away after practices.  Students are not permitted to have friends come and watch.  If you need to reach your child during a practice, you may contact the office and have them call over the intercom or you may call/text your child.  Please do not text the coaches during practice. 
 If you need to reach us during the day, please call the school and they will get a message to us. 
Our practices will be very confusing the first few months.  Understandably, we get the auditorium on limited use during football/basketball season.  We will usually practice one or two days a week right now.  However, after Christmas break, we will probably do 3 or 4 days a week.  We never practice on Wednesdays.  We are understanding of other sport practices and will work with them.  However, after Christmas break, I need full participation in practices to prepare for the state tournament.
We look forward to a great year coaching your child.
Greg Snyder and Shannon Graves
Certified NASP Instructors