Caroline Chadwell

Last Update: Apr 2, 2020 @ 11:43 am

Hola a todos, thank you for checking my page to see what our plan is for moving forward.

In order for me to keep everyone on the same page, you will need to join my google classroom. Also, you will need your school email and login information to access your textbook online. Once you are in the google classroom you will be able to see when I assign things and be able to communicate with me directly.

Email me ( if you have any difficulties joining the classroom or with logging on to the textbook online (directions on how to login to the textbook online are posted in the google classroom).

Please check the classroom daily (No new assignments will be due during spring break).

The codes to join the google classroom online are:

Spanish 1 first block: hpzc52u

Spanish 3 3rd block: qemafj3

Spanish 1 4th block: nrtrjz4

Spanish 2 5th block: d34qqz4


Sra. Chadwell”