CGHS Programs of Study

Program of Study (Elective Focus) Courses:

◙ Indicates Freshman Elective Options
◙ Agriscience
Principles of Agribusiness
Organizational Leadership and Communications

 Agricultural Engineering and Applied Technologies
◙ Agriscience
Principles of Agricultural Mechanics
Agricultural Power and Equipment
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Collision Repair Technology
◙ Transportation Core
Collision Repair Non-Structural
Collision Repair Non-Structural

◙ Cosmetology I
Cosmetology II
Cosmetology III
Cosmetology IV

Criminal Justice
◙ Criminal Justice I
Criminal Justice II
Criminal Justice III

Dietetics and Nutrition
◙ Intro to Human Studies
Nutrition Across the Lifespan
Nutrition Science and Diet Therapy

Engineering By Design
◙ Foundations of Technology
Technological Design
Advanced Design Applications
Engineering Design

Environmental and Natural Resource Management
◙ Agriscience
Plant and Soil Science
Natural Resource Management

Fine Arts
◙ Band
◙ Visual Art I
Visual Art II
Visual Art III

Horticulture Science
◙ Agriscience
Principles of Plant Science and Hydroculture
Greenhouse Management
Landscaping and Turf Science

Social Health Services
◙ Intro to Human Studies
Life Span Development
Family Studies

Therapeutic Clinical Services
◙ Health Science Education
Anatomy and Physiology
Medical Therapeutics
Clinical Internship

Veterinary and Animal Science
◙ Agriscience
Small Animal Science
Large Animal Science
Veterinary Science