CGHS Programs of Study

Program of Study (Elective Focus) Courses:

◙ Indicates Freshman Elective Options
Complete three credits from one area in bold print.
Collision Repair Technology
◙ Transportation Core
Collision Repair Non-Structural
Collision Repair Structural
Criminal Justice
◙ Criminal Justice I
Criminal Justice II
Criminal Justice III
Design and Pre-Construction
Advanced CAD
Engineering and Technology
◙ Foundations of Technology
Technological Issues
Advanced Design Applications
Engineering Designs
Horticulture Science
◙ Agriscience
Principles of Plant Science and Hydroculture
Greenhouse Management
Landscaping and Turf Science
Natural Resources Management
Fashion Design
◙ Visual Art I
Foundations of Fashion Design
Fashion Design
Social Health Services
◙ Intro to Human Studies
Life Span Development
Human Studies
◙ Creative Writing I
Creative Writing II
Creative Writing III
Bible Literacy
Etymology and Mythology
Personal Care Services
◙ Principles of Cosmetology
Design Principles of Cosmetology
Chemistry of Cosmetology
Veterinary and Animal Science
◙ Agriscience
Small Animal Science
Large Animal Science
Veterinary Science
 Agricultural Engineering and Applied Technologies
◙ Agriscience
Principles of Agricultural Mechanics
Agricultural Power and Equipment
Organizational Leadership and Communication
Food Science and Safety


High Level Math or Science

High Level Math or Science

High Level Math or Science

 Therapeutic Clinical Services

◙ Health Science Education

Emergency Preparedness

Medical Terminology


Fine Arts

Theatre Arts I

Theatre Arts II

◙ Visual Art I

Visual Art II

Visual Art III


◙ Band


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