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Last Update: May 11, 2020 @ 8:12 am

Hello all! I hope everyone is well and happy!! I am so looking forward to seeing you all again soon.
All Cosmetology Classes:
Research TN State Board of Cosmetology (website) for Update COVOID-19 Guidelines for Cosmetology and Barber Licensees
Benefits and Risks of Wearing Masks
Reopening Salons in Tennessee During the Covoid-19 Pandemic
Reopening Schools in Tennessee During the Covoid-19 Pandemic
and BARBICIDE Back to Work Plan Following COVOID-19 Regarding Human Corona Virus.
After researching the above leave thoughts, concerns, comments. Also, answer the following question:
How has the Covid-19 Pandemic influenced your sanitation and disinfection routine in the salon setting?



Good morning! I miss you all and hope every one is doing well. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you need anything!!

Third Block: Continue with your watching and documenting (Journals) of videos/articles on any service in the industry. 

Cosmetology 1, 2, & 3:

Create your own videos. Select a service of your choice:

Monday 5/4: Introduce the service you selected. Also, introduce tools and equipment needed to complete the service.

Tuesday 5/5: Video yourself explaining all safety and sanitation procedures that apply to the service. Include disinfection and safety of tools.

Wednesday 5/6: Explain the Pre-Service, Procedure, and Post Service of your service.

Thursday & Friday 5/7 & 5/8: Create a video of you performing your service, implementing all safety and sanitation procedures. Include your final look! You may use a mannequin or a model.

I am looking forward to seeing what you all come up with! Have fun with this!

All classes: Choose a YouTube video of your choice demonstrating the following:

4/27: Selecting a Shampoo and Conditioner for all hair types

4/28: Hair brushing and scalp massage

4/29: Eyebrow waxing and Threading (Compare and Contrast)

4/30: Facial

5/1: Fantasy themed make-up application

Send a link with your video and share your thoughts on each video

Cosmetology 1,2, & 3

4/20 Monday: Google Cosmetology Quizlet Infection Control (Flash Card Quiz) 1-75

4/21 Tuesday: Google Cosmetology Quizlet Properties of Hair and Scalp (Flash Card Quiz) 1-77

4/22 Wednesday: Google Cosmetology Quizlet Manicure (Flash Card Quiz) 1-50

4/23 Thursday: Google Cosmetology Professional Image (Flash Card Quiz) 1-17

4/24 Friday: Define Mission Statement and its benefits. Create your own Mission Statement.

Enrichment/3rd Block: Continue documenting your daily videos/articles pertaining to the beauty industry.

Please email your work by Saturday 4-25.

Cosmetology 1, 2, & 3 Students:

April 13-16

Google Milady Free Practice Exams: Choose 2 Exams with 100 questions (or an equivalent of 200 questions), take the exams, screen shot your score and e-mail your scores to me.

April 17

Watch a video on any element of the beauty industry (hair, nails, make-up, facials) Send me the link and your thoughts of the video. Did you like it? What did you learn? Would you do something different?

Third Block:

Continue with your previous assignments…….Watch a video and/or read articles on any aspect of the beauty industry each day. Keep a journal of each video/article with a detailed description. Include pictures if possible.

Cosmetology 2/Second Block

Lessons will be accepted in any format you choose

Label each assignment with the Standard, Date, Name, and cite your source(s)

May 16-18

S-8: What role does cosmetology play in the role of entrepreneurship in the U.S.?

Explain each of the following:

Sole proprietorship


Limited liability (LLC)


Compile a list of advantages and disadvantages of business ownership

May 19-20

S-9: Define philosophy of design

How can one incorporate personal beliefs into practice by including concrete examples of your anticipated career pathway (You may choose the career pathway you researched in S-5)

March 30 – April 3

S-10: What is your role as well as the role of public agencies in supporting elected officials to meet goals and objectives, and in endorsing approved legislation?


Navigate the above website and find the following information:

FDA Cosmetology Rules/Navigate the Cosmetics section

OSHA Rules and Regulations/Blood borne Pathogens

EPA Requirements/Disinfectants

EPA recommended cleaning and disinfection procedures for sanitation

April 6-9

S-13-17: Research and know the Rules of Tennessee State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners Sanitary Rules tennesseestateboardofcosmetology.com

List the role and responsibilities of the cosmetology student/professional in the classroom, lab and various workplace settings.

Research all the following and present your answers/findings in a presentation of your choice:

What are some safety hazards for safe working conditions in the cosmetology salon?

What are the hazards and risks in a salon?

What personal equipment is used in a hair salon?

What is OSHA to the cosmetology industry?

How do you identify hazards and risks in a salon?

What is required to operate a salon?

What part does the FDA play in the cosmetology industry?

Enrichment Third Block

Watch a video and/or read articles on any aspect of the beauty industry each day. Keep a journal (written or electronic) of each video/article with a detailed description. Please include pictures.

Daily entries should be labeled as:

March 16, 2020

March 17, 2020

March 18, 2020

March 19, 2020

March 20, 2020

Spring Break

March 30, 2020

March 31, 2020​​Continue through April 9, 2020

Cosmetology 2 Fifth Block

March 16-18 2020

S-7: Research and create an information artifact (of your choice) explaining safety and sanitary procedures for nails in manicure and pedicures as it applies to advanced techniques, cite your sources.

March 19-20

S-8: Write a paper analyzing the correct removal application for each nail service or pedicure technique.  Explain the removal process for all materials.

March 23-37…..Happy Spring Break!! Enjoy, and stay safe and well!!

March 30-31

S-9: Evaluate concepts related to the advanced artificial nail techniques to demonstrate the following:

Application of artificial material, acrylic and gels, to the free edge of the natural nail and, to the full natural nail.Watch a video and document your findings for each enhancement. Cite your sources

Document your understanding of diseases and disorders of the nail as well as the relationship to size for molding the artificial nail into a natural looking nail.

Document your understanding of the product acetone, and the reactions to the skin and nails by

Document your understanding of the chemical reactions of products to the skin and nails

April 2-3

S-10: Watch a video (read an article) on proper techniques of scalp care. Research the following:

Proper shampooing

Proper conditioning

Proper draping procedure

Proper scalp massage

Proper hair brushing

Proper sectioning​​Cite your sources

April 4-5

S-12: Incorporating geometric principles: identify the reference points on the head, analyze the purpose of and inter-relationships to their role in haircutting and explaining the importance of balance, consistency, and necessary techniques of changes.

April 6-9:

S-13: Research and describe the principles and techniques that guide haircutting, including:

Reference points of the head




Guidelines (explain each of them)

Cosmetology 3Fourth Block

March 16-18;

S-7: Describe key components of the cosmetology business startup process:




Startup resources

State laws


Legal responsibilities

Prepare a document to explain each component and identify the risks and rewards, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of owning a business versus working for someone else.

March 19-20

S-9: Explain the purpose of a business plan

The four major parts typically include:

Business description

Management plan

Marketing plan

Financial plan……………..Describe each

What is the importance of developing a business plan when seeking out potential investors or lenders?

Imagine you are preparing for a future career as a salon owner, develop an original business philosophy detailing one’s beliefs for how a business should be run including a:

Baseline budget

Financial goals

Money management concepts

Necessary personal characteristics of a successful entrepreneur

March 23-27       Happy Spring Break! Enjoy and stay safe!

March 30-31/April 2-4

S-10: Research and examine:

Estimated startup cost

Projected Income Statement

Projected Balance Sheet

Cash Flow

To collect your information you may use internet, local salon models (speak to a salon owner), check public records/business websites​Cite your sources

Contact a local lending institution regarding requirements for business loans and what documentation one should bring along.

April 5-9

S-11: Develop a customer profile with a detailed description of the potential target market.

Give a detailed description of your dream salon!​

Attention Students: You may contact me through my school e-mail address (all should have it). You will turn in your work in the format of your choice upon returning back to school.