FFA Photos




Parliamentary Procedure Team left to right: Caitlyn Lamberson Brittany Mabes. Abby Pearman, Corley Rogers, Brady pearman, and Bryce Rogers

FFA 316 Meats Team Left to Right: Tad Russell, Brittany Mabes, Johanna Bussell, and Caitlyn Lamberson

FFA 319

Forestry Team Left to Right: TJ Chumlry, Asher Redmon, Max Madon, and Pierson Cast


State Degree Recipients Left to Right: Clayton Welch, Corley Rogers, Asher Redmon, Caitlyn Lamberson, Max Madon, Abby Pearman, Bryce Rogers, Brittany Mabes, and Tad Russell


Horse and Milk Food Quality Left to Right: TJ Chumley, Beth Young, Corley Rogers, Caitlyn Lamberson, Sarah Stephens, Brittany Mabes, HAnnah Hatfield, LAuren Sweet, Abby Pearman, and Gage Nemaier.


Public Speaking LDE Participants Left to Right: Creed- Kenna Lambert, Extemperanous- Corley Rogers, Prepared- Ciara Goins


2017 Envirothon Teams