Jordan Billingsley

Last Update: May 5, 2020 @ 11:13 am

My assignments this week are chapter 14 vocabulary, chapter 14 problems page 986-987 numbers 1-21, chapter 24 study guide, chapter 24 quiz.

This week’s assignments for my class are chapter 13 vocabulary and section review, chapter 13 problems page 985-986 numbers 1-22, chapter 13 study guide, chapter 13 quiz.

My assignments for this week are Chapter 11 vocabulary and section review questions, chapter 11 problems on page   983-984 numbers 1-15,  chapter 11 review packet, and chapter 11 quiz. Videos and PowerPoints will also be posted to help with work.  Any student or parent who has not and wants to join my Google classroom may use the follow codes: 1st block code: qlkgm2j  2nd block code: zynenvo 5th block code: cqwnd6o

I  have set up google classroom for all of my classes, and I need students to accept my invitation to join the page. I will post weekly assignments for all of my classes. Check the page often