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Last Update: May 1, 2020 @ 7:08 pm

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Profile Portrait

5th block art classes:

I hope everyone is making good progress.  I have heard from a lot of you and your work looks great.  Finish up all three of the assignments and send me updated pictures of your work by Friday April 24th.  I will send out final project information on Monday May 4th.

Hope to hear from you soon, Mr. Newton

Wire body sculpture

mouth lesson


Last week’s assignment

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Art I classes are to send pictures of their last assignment on 2 pt perspective to my email for grading.

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Art Classes

Art I – continue current project on 2 point perspective.  6 – 8 shapes in 2 point perspective, grounded by landscape patterned drawing at base.  Wide variety of patterns to create a texture like appearance throughout. Composition must have an overall theme.  You will have to start on a new sheet of paper that you have available at home. 2 complete drawings are required with divergent themes.  Materials needed: paper, straight edge, pencil, eraser.

5th block classes – create a 3-d sculpture based on a portrait bust. This means the head, neck and shoulders must be constructed.  Proper proportions must be intact. The materials used will be considered a found objects project. Basically whatever you have laying around at your disposal.  Use a wide variety of materials if possible i.e. wire, cardboard, tape, homemade paper mache, anything that is nonhazardous will work. It may be slightly abstract and that perfectly fine.  Size requirement is life size example.

3rd Block – Start 2nd nine weeks composition continuing on selected theme from class.  When we return it should be a completed version ready to enlarge to an 18×24.  Full color required and high detail.