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Last Update: Apr 2, 2020 @ 11:46 am

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a good spring break despite your current circumstances!

We will be working on Google Classroom from here on. If you cannot get on Google classroom or you don’t remember your email etc please let me know ….you can send me a text at 423-526-9226 and we will work something out.

Our priority at present is to stay healthy and safe.  I know this is a difficult time for everyone but we will get thru this. In the mean time we do need to try to use this time to increase our knowledge in our class subject.  If I can help you in any wayplease let me know …you have my email and phone number.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” –Albert Einstein

So use this opportunity to your advantage to have more time to study but don’t forget to take time to relax, breath deep and reflect on what is actually going on around you and how it is affecting everyone!. It is not every day that you experience a live epidemic!!!! You are making history!

Mrs. Baughcum.

Mrs. Baughcum’s
Health Science classes work for the week of 031620 thru 032720

4th and 5th    ….Students you are to go on quizlet to review and work on your Cardiac information to prepare for test upon our return to school. 

4th Block ….When you feel confident in the information for test you are to work on the attached Children’s Book project.

5th block…… you are to complete your research and finish your Career Poster before starting the Children’s Book.

I will be checking with you via email periodically to see that you are on track.

Clinical Internship Students

You are to work on your CCMA website and complete the modules as previously assigned by each due date! You have my contact info if you have questions.


Health Science Children’s Book Project


Your project for Health Science is to write a children’s book on a disease such as Type 1 Diabetes, chicken pox, measles, Multiple Sclerosis or any other disease THAT MIGHt AFFECT A CHILD and that you might want to know more about.

 Your book must contain the following:

Your book must be at least 12 written pages long with a picture to go along with the dialogue on each page.

The dialog must be at least two paragraphs per page.

The book has to be on a 5th grade level so all medical terms must be explained on that level of understanding.

Your book should tell the person reading:  the disease name, what it is, signs and symptoms to watch for, how it affects a person’s life, what the treatment is and the prognosis (outcome). You must also turn in a research page with web sites or books used to gather your information.

Make your book attractive and interesting.

You may draw the pictures or find pictures from magazines etc to paste in the book.

Your book must a have a cover page and your content must be accurate not just things you have heard about the disease. It should be written in story form.

You must have at least 15 medical terms that need to be explained or defined

Grading will include content, art work, medical terminology words used and explained, and grammar which will include sentence structure.


You will share your book with the class.

You are to choose your disease and submit it to me by email by March 23rd.

I will email you back with approval. I will be available via email for any questions that you may have. 

Your Project due date will be determined after spring break.

My email is:

Please stay healthy and safe.

See you soon………Mrs.Baughcum