Upcoming FFA Events

This page is updated and maintained by freshman Madisen Prater.

  • On February 18th our Cumberland Gap FFA , will be attending Agricultural Day at the University of Tennessee. We will tour the campus, be shown a presentation, and lastly watch the Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt game! It is 10$ to go, you must have your money turned in by the 14th, no suspensions, and most importantly you must be passing all of your classes!¬† We hope that you can join us.
  • February 8th Regional Super Saturday will be held, where Star Green hand,Quiz bowl and Creed will compete.

Candidates Competing in Quiz Bowl

  • Madisen Prater
  • Lily Norris
  • Kara Ramsey
  • Carlie Naiper
  • Alex Johnson
  • Brianna Goins

Candidates Competing in Creed

  • Brianna Goins

Candidates Competing in Star Green Hand 

  • Madisen Prater