2020-2021 Cheer Tryouts

Updated May 18, 2020

2020-2021 Claiborne High School Cheerleaders

Amanda Brinkley (9th)

Emma Brooks (12th)

Lily Burke (10th)

Anna Callebs (12th)

Britney Clark (11th)

RaeEllen Coffey (10th)

Lillie Cox (11th)

Maddie Cox (12th)

Sydney Day (11th)

Raegan Dean (11th)

Anna Epperson (12th)

Haley Eversole (10th)

Caislee Foland (12th)

Shakira Goins (12th)

Chloe Hatfield (11th)

Gracie Hickman (11th)

Kelsey Johnson (12th)

Brookelyn Killion (11th)

Kylie Lefevers (10th)

Elizabeth Napier (12th)

Emma Nole (10th)

Havin Parks (12th)

Ashlee Petty (12th)

Emily Sandifur (10th)

Ashley Sexson (11th)

Mary Smith (10th)

Sarah Smith (12th)

McKenzi Taylor (12th)

Kendra Williams (10th)

Kourtney Zachery (10th)



We were overwhelmed with the response to cheer tryouts this year.  Over 40 girls submitted tryout videos!  We encourage all the young ladies who did not make it to try again next year.

May 5, 2020

Tryout submission videos are due Thursday, May 7th by 6pm.  NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED.


Tryout material is located on the following link:




You must learn:

  1. Sideline Cheer: Get Up & Get ‘Em (Change to Bulldogs)
  2. Cheer: Tigers Tigers (Change to Bulldogs)
  3. Dance: Jambo Funky – Level 1


Submit tryout videos here:



Updated May 1st, 2020


Tryout material will be made available on Tuesday morning, May 5th.  Tryout videos must be submitted by no later than 6 pm on Thursday, May 7th.  Late submissions will not be considered.  A link to a Google Form will be provided along with tryout material to upload tryout videos.


Please note that due to the large number of girls trying out and the format of tryouts (not in-person, like usual), it may take a number of days to get through judging.  Videos will be made accessible to judges after the submission deadline.  All videos are confidential and will not be shared with anyone except the judges, Kim Wilson, and Amy Munsey.  Score sheets will be kept confidential and in a secure area after judging and scores have been tabulated.


Instructions for Tryout:


  1. Attire: Please wear navy or black shorts and a white or gray t-shirt.  (Bulldogs or plain preferred, but use what you have.)
  2. Appearance: “Look the part” you are trying out for.  Wear your hair up, put on your “face;” don’t look like you’ve just rolled out of bed.  SMILE.
  3. Please record a video of EACH of the tryout items.  You should submit a video of each of the following:
    1. Sideline
    2. Cheer
    3. Dance
    4. Jumps: toe touch, side and front hurdler
    5. Tumbling: back-handsprings, etc. (No cartwheels or roundoffs.). Tumbling is NOT required.
  4. Music for the dance is also accessible through the material link.  If you cannot find a way to dance to the music, as a last resort, dance to counts.  But, make sure the speed is the same, not slower.

Hello!  We are so excited that you are interested in trying out for CHS Cheer 2020-2021!  With all of the uncertainty that surrounds our community this year, tryouts are going to look a little different than traditional.  This year, we will hold a virtual or online tryout!


The first step is to complete the Google Form (click on the link below) with basic information, and you will be contacted soon with more information and a more detailed plan for the tryout.


CHS Cheerleading Information Sheet



Please read through the FAQs below, and if you have any further questions, please contact Kim or Amy at the emails below, or via social media.


Kim Wilson: krw42812@gmail.com

Amy Brooks Munsey: amy.munsey@claibornecsd.org


Hope to see you soon!


Frequently Asked Questions:


How many cheerleaders are going to be on the team?

The honest answer is that we do not know.  Everyone tries out, even returning girls, scores are tallied, and we look for a natural fall in scores for a cut off point.


Who are the judges?

We will have third-party judges in order to keep a fair assessment of each person trying out.  Kim and Amy have the final say in team selection.


Is tumbling required?

No.  Tumbling is not required.  If you can tumble, you will be allowed to show off your skills.  You can earn extra points for tumbling, but it is not a major portion of the overall score.  (There have been girls NOT make the team before that could tumble.) Tumbling skills include backhandsprings, tucks, etc.  Cartwheels and round-offs do not count. 


How much does it cost?

Cheerleading can be an expensive sport, and we are self-sufficient, meaning we have to raise all our funds or pay out-of-pocket.  That said, Kim and Amy are working very hard to plan and budget for the upcoming year. This includes keeping costs reasonable while having necessities for the team (uniform, warm-up, poms, etc.).  Generally, you can expect $500-$800 for the year. A deposit will be required after tryouts.


What is the time commitment?  Can I play another sport? Can I have a job?

Cheerleading is year-round.  Typically, tryouts are held in the spring and practices begin soon after with games beginning in August and not ending until February.  Game schedules are provided in advance and practice schedules are set on particular days and times in advance. If you take a spot on the team, you are expected to be at all practices, games, and team functions.

While we cannot tell you that you can’t play another sport, attendance is mandatory at cheer-related commitments.  Many of the local merchants and businesses are also good to work around school-related commitments.  Please make sure you are providing management with a schedule of your commitments. There will be an attendance contract, and failure to adhere to it will be grounds for dismissal from the team.