Class of 2020 Graduation, CHS Prom, Senior Parade, and Locker Clean Out

Updated April 23, 2020 a
  • CHS Faculty and Staff:  mark your calendar, you are invited to volunteer and come on campus on our original graduation date of May 21 at 8:30 pm to help honor our seniors, graduates, and spring sports’ athletes for a Senior Parade. We will turn field lights on. Those wishing to participate will come on campus ( with posters, and balloons, etc.)and line up on the drive around campus 6 feet apart, as students are invited to drive around campus. No student or parent can exit their cars. SRO will enforce this and shall be asked to leave if they try to exit their vehicle.
  • PROM – June 5th will remain our Prom date, if social distancing has been lifted. If social distancing has not been lifted by June 5, we will not have Prom.
  • On May 11-14, students may come on campus to clean out lockers. Freshman will come May 11, Sophomores will come May 12, Juniors will come May 13, and Seniors will come May 14.  Teaching assistants and custodians will assist with this. This will occur from 8:30 am -12:30 pm and we will only allow ten in the building at one time. Students are to enter via the front office area.
  • Graduation will be on the football field on June 19 with a rain date of June 20. If we are still in social distancing mode, we will make a determination as to what that will look like at a later date.