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Updated April 23, 2020
All rising juniors should check their school assigned email addresses for information about next year’s class schedules.
Updated April 13, 2020
All rising sophomores should check their school assigned email addresses for information about next year’s class schedules.
Updated March 30, 2020
Attn: Seniors: These scholarship dates have been extended
Commercial Bank- April 30, 2020
Judy Barton Memorial Tourism- May 1, 2020
Farm Bureau- April 15th, 2020( must be a Farm Bureau member to apply)
Colin T.Fisher Memorial Technical Scholarship- April 15th, 2020
Glenn Yoakum Community Service Scholarship- April 15th, 2020
Leadership Claiborne Scholarship- April 15th, 2020
Completed applications can be emailed to
If you need any further information please contact Karen Payne
Updated  September 9, 2019
Information regarding The United States Senate Youth Program and Tennessee Governors School can be found in the Counseling Office.
See Karen Payne for details
Updated:  September 5, 2019
To learn more about the ASVAB, please visit this link:
New Student Enrollment- Claiborne High School
New student enrollment is August 6th from 1pm-3pm at Claiborne High School.
This is not for 8th grade students who attended SMMS or Midway last year.
This is only for new students entering the high school this year.
Please bring previous school withdrawal forms, shot records, birth certificate, proof of residency, and custody papers if needed.


March 1, 2019

Here is the application for the Leadership Claiborne County Scholarship

Leadership Claiborne Scholarship Application Spring 2019

Updated February 19, 2019

Here are two more local scholarship opportunities for the Class of 2019

Covenant Health Scholarship

First Century Bank Scholarship

Updated February 15, 2019

These are applications for local scholarships.

Commercial Bank Scholarship 2019

Enrichment Scholarship 2019

Judy Barton Scholarship 2019

Colin T Fischer Technical Scholarship 2019



Updated February 11, 2019

If you’re considering attending Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College on any of the school’s campuses, please complete and submit this scholarship application (in the link) by April 1, 2019.

SKCTC scholarship application


Updated January 16, 2019

Three scholarship opportunities for the Class of 2019 are in the links below:

2019 Farm Bureau Scholarship Application

2019 Soil Conservation Scholarship Application

Stan and Thelma Plumlee Scholarship 2019


Updated:  December 5, 2018.

These links can be used to get information about scholarship opportunities from the East Tennessee Foundation as well as from Tennessee School of Beauty.  These are intended for use by the Class of 2019.

East TN Foundation Scholarship Information

TN School of Beauty Scholarship Application

Updated:  September 18, 2018

Please use this link to access the Student Handbook.

CHS Handbook 2018-2019


Updated August 29, 2018

To access information about the ACT test, please use this website:


Updated August 20, 2018

To learn about requirements to be eligible to graduate from Claiborne High School, please click on this link:

CHS Graduation Requirements 2018 2019

To learn about requirements to become a Valedictorian or Salutatorian, please click on this link:

CHS Valedictorian and Salutatorian Requirements 2018 2019


Click on these links to learn more about scholarship opportunities.

Turner Scholarship page 1 Turner Scholarship page 2 Turner Scholarship page 3

Click on this link to learn more about a local scholarship opportunity.  Deadline to apply is April 20, 2018.

Judy Barton Scholarship


Parents, are your graduating seniors ready to work, learn and become leaders?  Do they want to do something more with their lives?  Here’s their chance.  It begins with Job Corps.  Job Corps will work with students from the first day in the program to the moment they start their new job.  Each year Job Corps provides approximately 60,000 young people ages 16-24 with hands-on training in America’s fastest growing careers and their graduates land high-wage jobs.  Students practice the latest skills that today’s jobs require, so they will be ready when great opportunities come their way.

Mr. Terrance Phillips, Director of Jacobs Creek Job Corps Center, will be at Claiborne High School on Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 10:00 a.m.  He will share information with parents and students regarding the job corps center and the benefits of enrolling in the Jacobs Creek Program. Work based learning offered at the Jacobs Creek Job Corps Center include Welding, Heavy Equipment Operations, Bricklaying, Carpentry, Cement Masonry, Painting, Heavy Construction Equipment Mechanic and Office Administration.  All interested parents and students are urged to attend.  For more information, please call Georgia Rush at 423-626-3543.


Click on this PDF link to open the application.  It is due April 6, 2018.

First Century Bank PDF Scholarship Application 2018


Updated February 20, 2019

Commercial Bank Scholarship Opportunity



Claiborne Medical Center Scholarship Application


Leadership Claiborne County Scholarship Application

Update:  February 1, 2018

If you’re going to LMU in fall 2018, this is an invitation to meet your classmates.

Please RSVP by Feburary 23, 2018 to or 423-869-6280.

Update:  January 24, 2018

Ned McWherter Scholars Program

The Ned McWherter Scholars Program is intended to encourage academically superior Tennessee high school graduates to attend college in Tennessee. Tennessee high school seniors starting their last semester in high school may apply.

(Promulgated Rules)  (Online Application)

To be eligible, the applicant must:

  • be a resident of Tennessee, a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and attend an eligible Tennessee college or university full time, and
  • have at least a 3.5 unweighted cumulative grade point average, and
  • have a minimum composite score of 29 on the ACT (or concordant equivalent score on the SAT).

An applicant may receive extra credit for honors or advanced placement courses and leadership in extracurricular activities while in high school.

An application, in order to be considered complete, must be accompanied by:

  • an official high school transcript that contains the applicant’s high school grades through the first semester of the senior year, and
  • an official ACT/SAT score.

The award is $6,000 per academic year, $3,000 from the State of Tennessee and $3,000 from the college or university attended. Awards are made in equal installments each term throughout the academic year.

The award may be renewed three times for a total of four years. The recipient must maintain at least a 3.2 cumulative grade point average and attend full-time to remain eligible.

Applications are available by clicking on the link above (Online Application). Awards are very competitive and are based on limited funding. Renewal applicants are given first priority. TSAC must receive the completed application and required attachments by February 15.

Please Note:
Recipients who participate in a study abroad program may receive a Ned McWherter Scholars. However, the scholarship must be certified by an eligible Ned McWherter Scholars institution, and the student must be receiving academic credit for the study abroad program from that institution. Also, if a recipient is participating in a consortium agreement the same requirements apply.



Logan Chittum Heck Scholarship,

 which gives preference to female residents of Claiborne County!

Scholarship information, including detailed descriptions and application instructions, as well as 2018 applications, are NOW available on our website,  The scholarship application must be completed and submitted online. Attached is a copy of the online applicant tutorial. The application deadline is February 15, 2018.

Below is a detailed description of the criteria for the Logan Chittum Heck Scholarship. 

Logan Chittum Heck Scholarship

  • Purpose and History: Established to assist East Tennessee students, with preference given to female residents of Claiborne County.
  • Scholarship Amount: $1,000 one-time award for one year.
  • Eligibility Requirements:

o   Residency Requirement: East Tennessee Foundation 25-county service area , with preference given to Claiborne County residents

o   Education requirement: Graduating high school seniors, GED recipients, current college students, or returning adult students

o   GPA minimum: 2.0

o   College/ Enrollment Requirement: Part-time or full-time enrollment at an accredited two-year or four-year college or university, or non-traditional higher education program or trade school accredited by the appropriate accrediting body for the particular course of study

o   Financial Need: Not required but may be considered in the selection process

Please feel free to contact Beth Heller at or Ashley Siferd at or toll-free at (877) 524-1223.




Update: January 22, 2018

Scholarship Opportunity:


Eligibility: Jacob Sprinkle’s family established the scholarship in his memory to benefit one or more seniors in Lee County, Va., and Claiborne County, Tenn., who plan to pursue higher education and a career in Pediatric Healthcare, Education or Ministry.

Jacob Tyler Sprinkle, age 13, beloved son of Monique and Rick Sprinkle, was born November 10, 2000. Jacob was born with severe congenital heart defects which were surgically corrected and closely monitored throughout his life. At age 12, Jacob underwent surgery at Monroe Carell, Jr. Children’s Hospital to replace an aortic valve. After the surgery, Jacob’s heart would not restart the way it should have and he was diagnosed with full failure of his left ventricle. Jacob was placed on an artificial heart to sustain him until he could receive a heart transplant. He suffered through multiple near death experiences while confined to the hospital. He fought his way back in each of these instances and refused to give up.

Jacob kept his faith and prayed not only for his healing but for the healing of the children that were his neighbors in the hospital. On January 18, 2014 he received a donor heart. On January 21, 2014, three days post transplant, he died from a ruptured aorta. He never gave up, remained always faithful, and never cried a tear during his six plus month ordeal. Jacob was only capable of loving people and had a genuine caring spirit for all around him.




Scholarship Application for Walters State Community College Classes of 2018

Deadline is March 1, 2018.



Scholarship opportunity for PVEC customers:


Seniors are invited to attend one of the following scholarship workshops at Claiborne High School:

January 23, 2018 – 3:30 – 5:00 p.m.

January 30, 2018 – 3:30 – 5:00 p.m.

February 6, 2018 – 3:30 – 5:00 p.m.

During these workshops, we will work with you to develop tools that you can use as you submit applications for scholarships.  Sessions provided by Karen Payne and Danna Smith.



Class of 2018 Scholarship Opportunity:

Class of 2018 Scholarship Opportunity:

Class of 2018 Scholarship Opportunity:

Click on each image to learn more information about scholarships available at LMU.  If you have any questions, please contact Lindsay Davis at

These are for students who will be freshmen at LMU during the 2018-2019 academic year.

ACT Test Information.

    Test Dates                   Registration           Late Registration              Photo Update

               Sept 9, 2017              Aug 4, 2017              Aug 5-18, 2017                  Sept 1, 2017

               Oct 28, 2017              Sept 22, 2017          Sept 23-Oct 6, 2017          Oct 20, 2017

               Dec 9, 2017               Nov 3, 2017              Nov 4-17, 2017                  Dec 1, 2017

               Feb 10, 2018              Jan 12, 2018            Jan 13-19, 2018                Feb 2, 2018

               April 14, 2018             March 9, 2018          March 10-23, 2018            April 6, 2018

               June 9, 2018               May 4, 2018             May 5-18, 2018                 June 1, 2018

               July 14, 2018              June 15, 2018          June 16-22, 2018              July 6, 2018


ACT Test Fee: 46.00

Register online at   .

 *Please see your school counselor if you have any questions or need assistance regarding the required ACT Photo Submission.

Juniors and Seniors please see Karen Payne for a possible Fee Waiver

Click on this image to learn more about the ACT Student Champion Award.

Click on this image to learn more about the Kyle William Kiihnl Memorial Scholarship Information.



If you’d like to take the ASVAB test, it will be given at CHS on November 20, 2017.   If you’d like to register, please see Mrs. Karen Payne for more details, or you can email


Mark your calendar: our next FAFSA Frenzy date is November 21, 2017 at CHS.  If you’d like to make an appointment to get assistance in completing your FAFSA, please email  We’ll be making appointments the week of November 6 for those who are interested.  Thank you!


VMDAEC Education Scholarship Application form and guidelines for high school or home school seniors graduating in 2018  can be found at or   The student’s parents or legal guardian must be a member of Powell Valley Electric Cooperative.  Application deadline is February 9, 2018.



Are you considering attending ETSU in fall 2018?  Please visit this website to apply for scholarships.  You should apply by December 15, 2017.


Seniors Notes:

  1.  Apply for Tennessee Promise by November 1, 2017.
  2. Complete the FAFSA by January 16,2018 to remain eligible for TN Promise.
  3. When you complete the FAFSA, make sure you select the 2018-2019 version for completion.
  4. To search for scholarships, visit this website:
  5. If you need a guide to write your resume for applications, please refer to this link



School Counselors:

Karen Payne

Melissa Robbins