Claiborne County School District

Claiborne Virtual Learning Academy 

     The Claiborne County Board of Education is excited to announce the opening of the district’s newest school.  The Claiborne County School District received news in late June that the Claiborne Virtual Learning Academy has been approved and accredited.  The district began the application process with the Tennessee Department of Education for this school last fall 2019 before our world faced COVID – 19.   Now, we are ready to open this fall 2020 for classes and enroll students 6th through 8th grade.  Next year additional grades will be added, and within a few years Claiborne Virtual Learning Academy will be serving kindergarten through 12th grade students.   The Claiborne Virtual Learning Academy will open under the leadership of Dr. Early Perkins and two anchor teachers: Nancy Hansard and Danna Smith along with online teachers from across Claiborne County schools.  

     An application form link is attached to this announcement.  Paper applications are not available.  Once applications are received online by the August 7, 2020 deadline, applicants and their parent(s)/guardian(s) will be invited to the Claiborne Virtual Learning Academy for an interview. The Claiborne Virtual Learning Academy is a hybrid virtual school providing a physical school building for students to participate in individual and small group instruction and tutoring on a weekly basis.  The online academic curriculum will be the same used by Metro Nashville Public Schools. 

     We hope that Claiborne Virtual Learning Academy will provide families another option when considering the best educational choice for their children as our district begins school again this fall.  We know that some children in our district currently attend private virtual schools, are home schooled, or attend private brick and mortar schools and we acknowledge that doing so may be expensive, especially now.  We are pleased to offer Claiborne Virtual Learning Academy free to Claiborne County students and look forward to providing a high quality education for all students who enroll

“Providing Innovative Educational Opportunities for Students”