Ellen Myers Primary School


Welcome to the Resources page where you can find community, family, and educational information.  You can also find Ellen Myers’ handbook.

CCBOE Student Code of Conduct updated 1-19-17
Please note that the Claiborne County Board of Education’s Student Code of Conduct is for the entire district and all schools.  In addition to the preceding code (highlighted in blue above) Ellen Myers’ Handbook is a separate document containing school specific information.  The handbook may be examined per topic by clicking on the highlighted links listed below.

Ellen Myers Handbook

You can find school rules, forms, and district information quickly and easily.  Just click on the topic of interest.

Absence Notes/Truancy General Rules of Conduct Reporting to Parents
Accidents and Illness Grading System School Hours
Admissions Requirements Inclement Weather Student Wellness
Attendance/Absences Instructional Program Telephone Use
Belief Statements Lunchroom Textbooks and Supplies
Bus Conduct Makeup Work Vision
Bus Safety Policy (Claiborne County) Medication Visitors and Volunteers
Cell Phone Policy Mission Welcome
Disability Statement Nutrition Program
Discipline Policy Personal Property
Dress Code (page 1) (page 2) Public Chapter 351
Early Dismissal Registration
Field Trips Report Card Letter


Internet, Technology, and Network Policy and Signature Form
Permission to Publish
Bring Your Own Device Policy and Form
Mobile Technology Agreement and Procedures (page 1)  (page 2)
Home-Student-School Compact
Parent Responsibility Statement

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