Mission and Vision

The mission of Forge Ridge School is to enable students academically to be productive, responsible citizens.

The vision of Forge Ridge School is to provide all students an educational foundation for a lifetime of learning to realize their fullest potential. FRS’ vision also includes the desire to be recognized as an academically successful school, educating the whole child.

Forge Ridge School Beliefs:

1. All children have the potential to learn.

2. Students must demonstrate responsibility by being actively engaged in the learning process.

3. Students learn best when exposed to a varity of scientifically research based instructional strategies.

4. Since students learn in different ways, instructional assessments and strategies that accommodate learning differences must be implemented.

5. Schools should provide a safe, healthy, caring environment for learning.

6. The shared responsibility of decision making regarding school policies must reflect the best interest of FRS students, staff, and community.

7. Parents, community, and school personnel, communicating and working together with students, will increase learning.

8. Schools should be for the benefit of the children.