History of Forge Ridge School:

The four-room brick that was to be Forge Ridge School was built in 1928.  A.H. Hill donated the land and some citizens gave $100.00 while others donated their labor.  The cost of the building was $5800.00.  This building housed the elementary grades 1-8 and a two-year high school.  The first principal of the high school was Sam Hopson, followed by John Ivey, Earl Carr, and James Roy.  The high school was closed for four years and started again in the fall of 1938 with James R. Roy as the principal.

  The stone building that is on campus was built in 1940-41.  The stone came from the Thea Hamilton and John Weaver farms.  The labor was done by the NYA (National Youth Association) under adult supervision.  The Gymnasium was built in 1952.  A new 7th and 8th grade building was completed in 1974 and the 5th and 6th grade in 1978.  The computer room was built in 1983 and the library and cafeteria were built in 1988.

  Mr. James R. Roy served as the principal from 1938-1966.  Mr. Tommy Beatty was the principal from 1967-68.  He was followed by Mr. James R. Roy in 1969 and Mr.  C. Eddie Shoffner in 1970-71.  1971-1975 Mr. William T. Myers was principal followed by Mr. H.B. Byrant in 1975-76.  1976-1984 Mr. Beagle Hopper was principal and in 1984 Dr. Roy K. Norris served until January of 1985.  In January 1985 Mr. Troy R. Poore was principal for the remainder of the year.  Mrs. Phyllis Hazelwood was principal from 1985 until April of 1988.  In April of 1988, Mr. David T. Redmond completed the year.  Mr. H.B. Bryant served from 1988-1990.  Mr. Daniel L. Redmond was principal from 1990-95.  Mr. Marty A. Cosby served as principal from 1995 to 2015.  Mr. Travis Bailey served from 2015-2019. Dr. Travis Sutton has served as Forge Ridge principal since 2019.