GRANT PUBLIC NOTICE INTENT TO APPLY – The Claiborne County School System is applying for funding under the State of Tennessee 21CCLC/LEAPs Fund(s). This announcement serves as public notice of the intent to apply. The application is a joint collaboration among the various schools within the district. It will be aimed at expanding opportunities for academic enrichment, youth development, and family support during
non-school hours. Originally funded by direct grants from the U.S. Department of Education, responsibility for the administration of this program was transferred to state education agencies under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (formerly NCLB Act of 2001). Current guidelines for the administration of the 21CCLC/LEAPS grant can be found under Title IV B of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) serve elementary students in selected schools in the district. If awarded funding, the Claiborne County Board of Education will disseminate information about the 21CCLC/LEAPS program in a manner that clearly states the goals with information accessible from individual letters, posted on our website and announced through local news resources. We invite comments and partnerships as we work to improve the services offered to the school age children in the before/after-school programs. If you would like to share comments or concerns or if you have questions, you may call Georgia Rush 423-626-3543.