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Claiborne County Kindergarten Registration

Children who will be five by August 15th are asked to

pre-register for Kindergarten.

                   Parents are required to bring theirchild’s immunization record, a valid birth                    certificate, child’s social security number and SNAP or Families First Number,                                                                                    if applicable.

 School Registration Dates and Times

Forge Ridge April 12th Time:  9am-2pm

Midway April 29th Time:  9am-2pm

TNT May 2nd Time:  10am-5pm

TNT May 3rd Time:  8am-3pm

Ellen Myers May 8th Time:  9am-2pm

Clairfield May 9th Time:  9am-2pm

Springdale May 10th Time:  9am-2pm

Powell Valley May 17th Time:  8am-2pm

Getting to Know My Child ~~ Parent Booket (Kindergarten)

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Getting ready for school and learning to read and write begins early in your
child’s development, well before kindergarten or first grade. The love and
guidance that you provide your child can set him or her on the way to many
years of success in school.
This booklet guides you through the process of sharing what you know about
your child with the kindergarten teacher who will be working with your child
in the new school year. It gives you the opportunity to pass on important
information about your child’s likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses and
any concerns that you may have. If your child is receiving any special services,
the information that you provide here can help to ensure that those services
continue without gaps into the new school year.

This booklet will work best if you review and discuss it with your child’s
kindergarten teacher during the first month of school. Taking the time to connect
with your child’s teacher will get the new school year off to a terrific start!


Please click the link below to acess the booklet.