Claiborne County Kindergarten Registration

Children who will be five by August 15th are asked to

pre-register for Kindergarten.

                   Parents are required to bring theirchild’s immunization record, a valid birth                    certificate, child’s social security number and SNAP or Families First Number,                                                                                    if applicable.

 School Registration Dates and Times

Forge Ridge April 12th Time:  9am-2pm

Midway April 29th Time:  9am-2pm

TNT May 2nd Time:  10am-5pm

TNT May 3rd Time:  8am-3pm

Ellen Myers May 8th Time:  9am-2pm

Clairfield May 9th Time:  9am-2pm

Springdale May 10th Time:  9am-2pm

Powell Valley May 17th Time:  8am-2pm