How to See the Counselor

How Does a Student Get to See the Counselor?

Students can ask to talk with their counselor.

Parents can request a meeting.

A teacher or principal can make a request.

The counselor can invite students to talk.

Why Does Our School Have a Counselor?

The counselor is here to help boys and girls feel good about themselves, so that they can be happy and do their best in school. The counselor wants all boys and girls to enjoy learning, feel safe while at school and have a wonderful educational experience.

How Will the Counselor Work With Students?


Small Groups

Classroom Guidance

The counselors will also work with parents and teachers to ensure students do their best in school.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a service offered to kindergarten through eighth grade students.  Students may be referred for counseling by a parent, a teacher or themselves.  Counseling can be ongoing or short-term based on the problem/situation.

Issues that a school counselor might address with students:

peer relations

school performance


family change


self-esteem issues

anger management

conflict resolution

new students

middle and high school transition

Many times, students will request a visit with the counselor regarding a situation at school. We will meet briefly to try to resolve the situation, particularly if there has been a problem on the playground/hallway/lunchroom with another student(s). These types of visits do not require prior permission from a parent, however I encourage students to go home and share with parents and guardians that we spoke and explain why we met.

If the problem situation resulted in some type of consequence, the student will meet with a school administrator.  The counselor does not see students for discipline, but rather to assist in conflict resolution so that the student may return to class and have productive work time.

Serious behavior problems or certain family issues may require more in-depth interventions, either with an individual practitioner or agency. Your school counselor can assist you with more information about resources in the community for counseling.