Monthly Topics

Monthly Topics

Classroom Guidance is an opportunity for the counselor to work with every student to provide information/topics that are relevant to your child’s’ academic, behavioral and social emotional development. Topics align with the American School Counseling Association Mindsets and Behaviors for Student Success. For more information on the Mindsets, follow the link provided.

ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors for Student Success

K-4 Classroom Guidance Calendar

August– Positive Study Habits, Manners, Give Me Five, Making and Keeping Friends, Good Character Kindness

September– Tattling v. Warning, Cyber Bullying, positive self-esteem, Good Character Respect, Personal Hygiene

October– Communication, Goal Setting, Good Character Fairness, Halloween Safety, Careers, Red Ribbon Week (Say No to Drugs)

November– Managing Strong Feelings and Emotions, Conflict Resolution, Listening Skills, Good Character Citizenship, Honor Veterans

December– Personal Safety, Using “I-Messages” to Deal with Problems, Good Character Caring, Study Skills, Personal Safety

January– Communicating Feelings/Emotions, Identifying Triggers/”Things that Bug Me”, Bullying v. Being Mean, Honor Martin Luther King, Jr., Good Character Trustworthiness

February– Respect for Others, Bullying v. Being Mean, Honor Presidents’ Day, Good Character Responsibility, Health Habits

March– Coping/How to Handle Tough Stuff, Good Character Loyalty, Health Habits, Feelings Identification,

April– Personal Hygiene, Exploring Careers, Dealing with Change, Good Character Integrity

May– Ways to Honor Your Teacher, Good Character Honesty, Dealing with Anger

Note:  Guidance Topics may be changed based on student needs, teacher request, and what is needed most for our school community.

5th – 8th Grade Topics for Small Guidance Groups

Academic Skills for Success

Anger Management Skills

Bullying Prevention and Intervention

Career Education and Exploration


Developing Good Study Skills

Emotional  Wellness

Good Character

Health Habits

How School Skills Become Work Skills

Life Skills

Stress management