New Teachers


Contact Dr. Meagan England for questions regarding new teachers


Forms for New Teachers: 

Planning Template for Evaluations 


The Claiborne County Board of Education’s online Policy Manual can be found at:

New teachers may find it useful to specifically review the following policies:

Policy 6.408, Supervision of Students


Policy 5.611, Ethics


Policy 6.310, Dress Code


Policy 6.405, Medicines


Policy 6.312, Student Use of Cellular Phones


Policy 6.313, Discipline Procedures


Policy 6.309, Zero Tolerance Offenses


Policy 4.406, Use of the Internet


Policy 4.408,  Use of Multimedia


Policy 6.304, Student Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying, Cyber-bullying and Intimidation


For more information about specific policies, please contact Dr. Meagan England at the Claiborne County Board of Education.