Welcome to Clairfield Elementary School

            We welcome you as member of the Clairfield School’s student and parent family.  Clairfield takes pride in its students and urges everyone to strive toward excellence.  As a parent, you are invited to fully participate in the education of your child as they attend Clairfield School.





Mission Statement

The mission of Clairfield Elementary
School is to assist students:

Master the Tennessee state
standards at or above grade level

Demonstrate acceptable
social skills

Enhance oral and written expression
with the aid of modern Technology
in order to develop productive
members of Society.



We Believe…….

  1.   All Children should be provided a differentiated educational learning opportunity.
  2. The educational process should include quality materials, highly qualified teachers, support from all stakeholders, and student devotion.
  3.   All students have the potential to be self-regulated, productive citizens in an increasingly competitive world.