Social Studies/U.S. History

TNReady Social Studies

  • The social students assessments in grades 3 through 8 will assess the current Tennessee Academic Standards for social studies, which require students to demonstrate historical awareness, geographical understanding, and the ability to analyze primary source documents.
    • For grades 3 and 4, the social studies assessments consist of one, 50-minute subpart. For grades 5 through 8, the social studies assessments consist of two 50-minute subparts .
  • For high school students, the U.S. History/Geography assessment, which is the only End-of-Course exam in social studies, students will be assessed on the current Tennessee Academic Standards and required to demonstrate a deep understanding of civics, economics, geography within the context of U.S. History with special attention to Tennessee connections.
    • The test will consist of three subparts (50 minutes, 45 minutes, and 45 minutes).
    • The test will including a written response item, which will require students to provide a response to a prompt with the use of several sources, as well as multiple choice and multiple select items.