Covid Guidelines 2021-2022

If a student/staff member tests Positive for Covid:

  • They are required to ISOLATE at home for 10 days (Day 0 will be the day symptoms started, or date of the positive test if there are no symptoms).
  • They may return on Day 11 and must provide the Positive test result or a Dr.’s excuse.

If a student/staff member has a HOUSEHOLD MEMBER that is positive for Covid:

  • They would have to QUARANTINE 10 days from the last day they were exposed to their household member. If they are exposed to that person the entire duration that they are contagious (10 days), Quarantine would begin on day 10.
  • Employees that are able to Quarantine separate from the positive case in their home may test on the 5th day after last exposure and return on the 7th day (with proof of Negative provided AND they are not having symptoms)  …a mask should be worn through the 10th


  • If you have been fully vaccinated you DO NOT have to Quarantine
  • If you have been Covid positive in the las 90 days you DO NOT have to Quarantine

Guidance for Testing:

  • Anyone getting tested because of symptoms must wait until the send off test is received before returning to school.
  • Antibody Testing is not accepted at this time

All guidelines are subject to change as the CDC and Health Department provides information.

2021-2022 Return to School Information

(Updated 8-6-21)


We are thankful for the tremendous efforts and devotion of our students, families, teachers, administrators, and staff during the 2020-2021 school year.  Despite the challenges of COVID-19, our school communities worked together to ensure our educational goals continued to move forward.  We are continuing to work with the CDC and Health Department to provide a safe and healthy environment for students, teachers, administrators, and staff.

At this time our expectation is that the COVID-19 restrictions implemented a year ago will not be in place for the 2021-2022 school year.  Specifically, this means that:

  • Masks will not be required for students, teachers, or employees, although they will be allowed at each individual’s discretion.  The district will provide a reusable mask for those deciding to use a mask;
  • Temperature checks will not be required for students, employees, or visitors;
  • Claiborne County Schools will not conduct contact tracing;
  • Visitors will be allowed in schools;
  • Extracurricular activities and field trips will be allowed;
  • Claiborne County Schools will maintain cleaning and sanitizing practices from the 20-21 school year.
  • CDC Mask Mandates Up-date June 10, 2021 – Passengers and drivers must wear a mask on a school bus, public or private.  Exclusions and exemptions are medical or type of disability that prevents them from wearing a mask.  The driver does not have to wear a mask if there are no passengers on the bus.

If during the 21-22 school year the system has to close due to Covid-19, the State Department of Education has required systems to use their weather days first,  Therefore, the weather days would disappear and would extend the school year.  We could also use fall or spring breaks to recover the days.  The district will be required to complete 180 academic days.

As we receive updates from the state, We will share them with the community.